Friday, May 9, 2014


Some recent items of interest...

A smaller portion of mac & cheese.

Pinto bean and red wine soup. Splendid Table recipe, kind of.

Rosemary and raisin bread.

Next, a few things I made for my MFA students for our final gathering at my house. 

Mixed greens with sautéed asparagus and almonds.

Red quinoa with edamame, feta, and sunflower seeds.

And chocolate cupcakes (King Arthur mix) with vanilla icing (homemade) and sprinkles... and a candle on one, for a birthday.

A couple of other recent things. 

First, an excellent roasted sweet potato and spinach & arugula salad with a red pepper vinaigrette. Mark Bittman recipe, kind of.

And, of course, the bread. I don't always post it, but I do keep making it. Two smaller loaves this time.

And, most of all, here's a tree I admire.

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