Sunday, April 19, 2015

The radar says it's raining

but it isn't. Mysterious.

It's Spring, so here's some asparagus soup.

And something I've wanted to try for some time: brown bread a la The Cheesecake Factory. Molasses + honey + cocoa powder + espresso powder = that color and flavor, pretty much.

And because one of my sisters asked about my new stove, here it is. Same as the old one... minus the cracked cooktop, of course.

The Perfect Cookie


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Oh, April

First things first. Sunflower seed bread. A quick bread.

And brown soda bread. Also quick.

Next: eggplant. Tofu. Peppers. Basil. Jasmine rice.

Finally my favorite thing, lately: a whole wheat tortilla with various roasted vegetables. Black beans too, usually (though not this time).

And, just because, a pic of a very groomed Dog...

... and an exhausted Miss Loy.