Saturday, March 16, 2013

I like a process

Yesterday afternoon I made mushroom stock.

Here are the pics of that process.

First, the onions, dried mushrooms, leeks....

Next, the very photogenic carrots, parsley and thyme.

All of that, plus some more mushrooms (white and crimini) and a bay leaf or two...

And then nine cups of water.

And some simmering.

After about an hour and another step or two that I didn't photograph (the draining of the veggies...)...

Ta da!—


—some of which I used for today's pork roast and the rest of which I froze for another project, another day.

Pork shoulder roast... after cooking 5+ hours.

This recipe, with its amazing garlic rub, is courtesy of my friend Lisa.

And green beans gremolata—Ina Garten's recipe, more or less.

The meal, with some spaetzle with feta.

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