Sunday, August 18, 2013

One reason I don't post many recipes

I don't often use them. Or, rather, my cooking is so simple that a recipe would be ridiculous. Baking is another matter, of course. But grilling? Please. Olive oil, pepper, a little salt. That's pretty much what I do. Maybe a squeeze of lemon.

Here are three versions of that "recipe."

Grilled vegetables with a filet. And a gin & tonic, my drink of preference when I was at La Quinta (the name of the resort and the town, in California) and now back at home too.

And... grilled vegetables with lamb chops.

And... salmon with slightly different vegetables (grilled butternut squash---delicious---and sautéed kale with grape tomatoes from my friend Tim's garden). Wine this time.

As for poetry, a topic I said I'd (maybe) post about, now is a good time.

I feel about poetry the same way I feel about cooking: don't make a fuss.

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