Thursday, August 8, 2013


I pretty much like everything I cook. Which is good, don't you think?

But these pizzas were especially pleasing.

Thanks to my friend Rosemary for expertly shaping the dough.

First, a lemon and prosciutto pizza, recipe courtesy of the Georis winery's Corkscrew Cafe in Carmel Valley, California. I didn't have meyer lemons, so this was a little stronger... and I forgot the arugula, which is odd since I used it in the other pizza. Anyway: delicious.

Next, a lovely fig-carmelized onion-arugula-goat cheese pizza (recipe), with the Georis crust.

And now both of them, Instagrammed for more dramatic lighting, etc.

While Rosemary and I were eating, a hummingbird stopped by for a sip at the feeder. He (she?) could very well be last year's Pedro, or Pilar.

Tough to see (bc tough to photograph), but in any case:

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  1. Both of those were absolutely delicious! And the hummingbirds were amazing--I don't think three minutes went by between their visits. Still waiting for them to find my feeder. In the meantime, it's pretty amusing to see the bottle labeled "hummingbird nectar" in the fridge.