Sunday, November 17, 2013

A busy Sunday

So many things to make. I keep lists. Today's main project was this bread: parmesan peppercorn. Not a no-knead recipe but the baking method (a Dutch oven) and the result look like that kind of bread.

The dough was downright silky. Truly lovely to work with.

It had three rises. This is after number 2. I think. 

Here's the parmigiano-reggiano, all ready to go:

And heres's the bread just out of the oven:

I also made fried sage. Wow: really delicious. And super fast.

And for dinner, a very nice salad, adapted from this recipe. Arugula, wild rice, toasted pecans, feta, pomegranate arils.

And here, with salmon.

Also today I set up my new sewing machine. A Baby Lock. All the machines in this series, The A-Line, have girls' names. This one is Rachel.

In the foreground is the imperfect but perfectly functional apron I made with the machine I borrowed from my friend Laura.

Lastly, the weather. Rainy. Some interesting skies. Wind on the way, they say. I'd like that.

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