Friday, April 5, 2013

The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's true.

The NY Times recipe.

The secrets: (1) cake flour + bread flour, and (2) letting the dough rest overnight before baking.

Because I don't want to eat cookies nonstop, I freeze most of them---and then just bake two or three when the need arises.

Oh, and don't forgot to put some sea salt on top just before you bake. I forgot. Still, these are quite good.

In other news, the forsythia is just coming out. And it's been sunny, or sunny-ish, for three days in a row. Perhaps The Long Winter has finally ended.


  1. Seriously? Beaumont quality?

  2. Well, no. Beaumont cookies are an entirely different thing. I've never tasted a homemade cookie that tasted like that—or had that texture. Alas.