Sunday, April 21, 2013

Three things, each more simple

First, last night's dinner: whole wheat gemelli with tuna, asparagus, arugula, dates, feta & almonds. Very quick. A pot for the pasta and one for everything else.

Then, today for Little Lunch (meaning, there'll be another---very much like First and Second Breakfasts), a very simple tomato and feta salad (thank you, Barefoot Contessa) and a half sandwich (toasted oatmeal bread with hummus).

Finally, a snack that needs a better, more cheerful name: Protein Bites. Oats + peanut butter + honey + coconut + wheat germ (or flax seeds) + chocolate chips + vanilla. Mix. Wait. Form the bites and freeze them... which is why the two in the second pic seem a little lonesome: I had already frozen the rest for later snacking emergencies when I remembered to snap a photo. 

Sometimes I wonder if such "dishes" truly constitute "cooking," but, sigh, who can worry about such things? Real ingredients = real cooking, that's what I think. Simple is fine.

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